Bringing the Middle Ages (and Ancient World) to Life


Multisensory Education (Pty.Ltd.) has been operating history incursion programs (and training and mentoring new graduate teachers starting their careers) for over a quarter of a century.

We mainly provide activity days for level 7 and 8 students to experience interactive activities relating to medieval or ancient history.

These activity days take place at schools, usually in normal school time, and normal class groups, but using lots of weapons and armour and archery and juggling gear (and interactive whiteboards and multi sensory media) to get top level interaction.

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Client Testimonials

  • Just Wonderful.

    Anne Dean
    Kingswood College
  • Your company has a great name... presentations always excellent. Even teachers who watch it every year get new ideas every time

    Mary-Anne Marshall
    Salesian College
  • A most enjoyable and worthwhile morning.

    Elizabeth Mulcahy
    Scotch College (1995)
  • Every year it just gets better and better!

    Mark Johnstone
    Scotch College (2005)
Click here to see a five minute outline of the sorts of things students would do in a standard a day of Medieval Education

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