Administrative Staff

The admin staff at our office are most available between 10 and 2 Monday and Thursday (assuming we are not being run off our feet – if so we will get back to you ASAP).

At other times we are often teaching or at schools, so we recommend getting information and downloading forms from the site as a good start.

IF IT IS URGENT try Samantha on 0439 990 470.

Samantha Bonato
Incursion Coordinator

Samantha joined us in October, 2008. Her background is in Administrative Support of Funds Management. She enjoys keeping all the bookings organised and is keen to assist you with your Incursions.

Schools have been universally delighted with Sam’s helpfulness and organisational ability. (In fact our own staff have expressed delight at her taking control of the office… possibly a fair comment considering that our directors consider themselves teachers, not administrators!)

Jennie O’Shanassy
Re-engineering Guru

Jennie O’Shanassy became involved after her daughter did multiple sessions with the music education, then school incursion programs, of Multisensory Education. Her previous work experience includes twenty two years with NAB in various HR and branch management roles. With her husband, she runs a Jim’s Mowing business.

Jennie’s administration and training backgrouds are exceptional, and she has even filled in as a presenter in an emergency. (So she has practical experience of what she is restructuring…)

She is gradually whipping Medieval Education into more efficient practices. (Again our staff are delighted…)

James Brown

James is our maintainance officer, and responsible for keeping everything in working order (though not looking too new and shiny, we want the hard worn effect!) It is a difficult balance, and keeps him busy.

James is professional artificier. He has a long background in both re-enactment groups and performance groups. When we need the wierd and the wonderful to fulfill a new request by a school, James can usually deliver.

(He has also helped assist on activity days as a non-teaching assistant, so he too has developed some practical experience of what is needed…)