Ancient day

Ancient day

Ancient Topics –

Year levels 5 – 9
(for best effect please intersperse Active, Passive and Interactive Topics!)

1. Rulers & Subjects

Overview, from hunter-gatherers to horse archer empires, of the
rise of complex societies. Group role-play session, including
building up a simple economy and state structure.

Requires Data Projector.

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6. Archery

The rise of the archer from peasant hunter to professional
soldier. Blunted arrows & rubber targets.

Requires a secure area of open space, or a gymnasium or hall.
(Maximum of 32 students!)

2. Warriors & Warfare

Overview of technological change in combat, and its influence on
social change. Mesopotamia-Egypt, Sparta, Macedonia, Rome.
Group role-play.

Requires activity room.

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7. Religion & Craft

Cave Paintings to State Sponsored religion. More complex
societies demand more complex religions. Hands on craft including
spinning and weaving.

Requires DVD player.
(Egyptian emphasis.)

3. Gladiators

The ancient world needed citizens accustomed to violence, but
some volunteered as gladiators for fame and fortune. Role

Requires DVD player.
(Roman emphasis.)

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8. Ancient China

Compares and contrasts the development of China with middle
eastern River-Valley civilisations, and the Roman mountainous
peninsula one.

Requires Data Projector.
(Chinese emphasis.)

4. Sports & Status

Who you were defined what games you played. Your military
skills then defined your citizenship role.

Requires activity room. (Greek emphasis.)

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9. Technology & Trade

The relations between trade and technology, and the transfers of
information and skills.

Requires IWB or Data Projector.

5. Ancient Metalworking (Interactive)

Practical demonstration of techniques and effects of metal
smelting and casting technologies.

Pavilion (or science room).
Greek emphasis.

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We will work with you to ensure your activities are appropriate to your time and budget considerations, however, please indicate the sessions you might be interested in. Keep in mind that a mix of Active (A) or Passive (P) sessions avoids boredom or hyperactivity. A detailed description of each activity is available on our website.

Rulers & Subjects (P)
Warriors & Warfare (A)
Gladiators (P)
Sports & Status (A)
Ancient Metalworking (P)
Archery (A)
Religion & Craft (P)
Ancient China (P)
Craft & Trade (P)
Slavery (P)
Cancellation and Change of Booking Policy

Sometimes schools need to make changes to their booking. We offer different options to assist with this.

  • Reduce the required number of presenters – no charge
  • Reschedule date of incursion – no charge
  • Cancellation at more than one weeks notice – no charge
  • Cancellation with less than one weeks notice will incur a 10% fee.

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