Classroom Specialists

“Presented really well – great pacing, excellent use of technology to enhance presentation. Positive reinforcement of students ideas built their confidence and made them feel their contributions were worthwhle. The range of activities kept the students motivated…” Mish Mackay – Nazareth College

“An absolutely fantastic incursion. Presenters were well prepared and professional.” DianneMcCulloch – Rosewood Downs Primary School

For a long time now, our staff have been honing a wide range of classroom skills. At the same time we have been avidly seeking to mentor new graduate teachers. (At any given time 6-8 new graduates will be in the process of working with us and receiving mentoring and experience in the classroom, but many are only with us a few months before getting full time work, so the list of casuals often changes quickly.)

The following presenters have all been with us for several years, and give a good sample of the range of skills and experience our teams offer…

Megan Innes

Megan is a history teacher who is getting as much variety of teaching experience as she can by working part time with us while completing a Master’s in Holocaust Studies.

With a background in Living History and Recreation activities during her university studies, Meg is a natural fit as a trained historian presenter with proper pedagogical knowledge. Her feedback forms have particularly commented on her willingness to explore wider issues with the students.

Daniel Jackson

Daniel is another recent graduate who has started regular placement work with us. He has adapted well to a number of topics, and is keen to learn more. According to the schools feedback, he is partiuclarly good at engaging the students in a lively discussion.

Peter Chappel

Peter has a background in adult education and TAFE teaching, as well in the military: all of which makes him an excellent classroom manager and presenter.

Peter is currently undertaking a Masters in Future Studies, he can offer programs that fall somewhat outside our normal history streams (though clearly he and we would consider them to be related concepts). He is also employed lecturing and tutoring at Swinburne

We are also extremely lucky that Peter’s Fine Arts degree and TAFE experience is in metal sculpting… See our topic Ancient Metal Casting.

Leah Aubert

Leah is a 0.6 primary teacher, specialising in art and other interactive sessions. The fact that she also has a background with a variety of medieval recreation groups, just increases her knowledge and enthusiasm.

She now knows quite a few of our topics, and has been particularly helpful with developing our primary school techniques.

Leah is receiving excellent feedback from the schools she has presented at.