Medieval Education is a division of Multisensory Education Pty. Ltd.

Our company directors are extremely active writers, trainers, and developers, in the field of history and multisensory education.

As well as Medieval, Ancient, Renaissance, Revolutions, Gender, European, Japanese, Muslim, and Chinese history topics; we have also run education programs for Early Child Development, Adult Learning, and Teacher Training – including new techniques in Pedagogy and with Interactive White-Board technology.

We present regularly to conferences and training groups in Australasia, Europe and North America.

Nigel Davies
B.A.(Hons) and M.A., (Melb.), G.C.Bus.Ad. (R.M.I.T.)

Nigel has worked in arts and education faculties, but became frustrated with the academic environment – particularly with it’s preference for research over teaching. He left the university system to explore practical teaching environments, and now consults privately on multi-sensory and interactive education programs. His specialty is engaging those with learning difficulties and integration problems, and programs for all age groups from birth to the aged.

Our Medieval, Ancient, and other programs, have grown out of Nigel’s desire to assist the educational value of school programs, particularly in the area of his research degrees – history.

Nigel is particularly keen to mentor new teachers, and is proud to have helped over 200 third and fourth year teaching students, or new graduate teachers, vastly increase their school placement experience through the Multisensory Education programs.

Nigel has lectured on pedagogical technique in Australia and overseas, and published history articles in national and international magazines and journals. He has a history issues blog: Rethinking History

Michael Warby
B.A. (Hons) and Dip.Ed. (Syd.), G.D.Ec. (A.N.U.)

Michael has worked for the Commonwealth Education and Employment Departments, the Parliamentary Library, for two National Think Tanks, and as a freelance author on education and policy issues. He also has experience in the Victorian Secondary School system as a casual teacher and as an assistant to disabled students. His specialty is analysis of how social structures develop over time, and he has presented many papers and reports to a variety of academic, government and media outlets.

Michael has focused on the theoretical presentations which provide the underpinnings of our educational programs, with an emphasis on developing the interactive role-plays which allow the class to suggest their own interpretations of what happens and why.

Michael has published many articles on history, economics and other issues in Australia and overseas, and has appeared on Radio National on multiple occassions to discuss trends in history writing.

He has multiple professional blogs about history, and other issues such as: