We are always looking for more presenters for part time and casual work during school term.

We would be delighted for interested people to contact us via: info@medieval.com.au

(If you are interested, please also have a look through the Meet out Team section to see the range of people we currently employ.)

We have a preference for qualified and currently registered teachers, and are always hoping to find more semi-retired, part time, or contract teachers who enjoy this sort of work in their ‘spare time’.

However many of our presenters have other specialisations: as performers, sports coaches, re-enactment specialists, actors, or in education or military training. We are more concerned with your ability to follow the scripts and engage the students than with your paper qualifications.

We give careful training in the correct use of our scripts, and make an effort to assign new candidates to topics most suitable to their backgrounds and preferences. Candidates are pre-trained for presentations, then mentored through their first few school days, then given follow up support on a regular basis (particularly if feedback forms show that they need more training).

If this sort of work sounds exciting and enjoyable to you, then please contact us. (But be aware that our work depends on school demand, and the working year is the 30 to 40 weeks of school term and some holiday programs, not year round. Most of our staff have other work, such as evening or weekend work, or have jobs or own their own businesses with flexible hours.)

We look forward to hearing from you at the contact details above.