Medieval Day

Medieval Day

Medieval Topics –

Year Levels 5- 9 (for best effect intersperse Active, Passive & Interactive!)

1. The Tournament

Knights and feudalism were the backbone of medieval society.
Students train as squires, and take on a fighter (with medieval
style blunted training weapons).

Requires open activity area (hall, gymn, oval.)

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8. Archery

The rise of the archer from peasant hunter to professional
soldier. Blunted arrows & rubber targets.

Requires a secure area of open space, or a gymnasium or hall.
(Maximum of 32 students!)

2. Weapons & Armour

1,000 years of medieval history through its changing military
technology and politics. (Props and role-plays.)

Requires classroom.

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9. Heraldry

What it was it for, how it worked, and relevance today. Students
design a meaningful coat of arms.

Requires IWB or Data Projector.

3. Crime & Punishment

A survey of customs, laws and sciences; using role-plays,
stocks, whips and torture instruments.

Requires classroom with IWB, Data Projector or DVD.

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10. Three Medieval Cultures

Compares the lives of nobles and peasants in Latin (European),
Muslim and Japanese cultures. Includes elements of the two topics below – Medieval Japan and Muslims in the Middle Ages – in a comparative discussion.

Requires classroom with IWB or Data Projector.

4. The Troubadours

The multi-media news and education channel of the medieval
period. (Students learn some juggling. )

Requires classroom with IWB, Data Projector or DVD.

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11. Medieval Japan
(Passive) – see 10 above

Why the Japanese also came up with medieval concepts of
feudalism, law, heraldry, even romance .

Requires classroom with IWB or Data Projector.

5. The Role of Dance

Explores the role of dancing in the life of peasants and nobles:
from simple exercise, to better jobs, to advantageous marriage.
(Students learn simple dances.)

Requires activity room and CD player.

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12. Muslims in the Middle Ages
(Passive) – see 10

Medieval Europe faced an Islam in it’s ‘Classical’ expansionist
stage. A very different culture, with much to offer, and much
to fear .

Requires classroom with IWB or Data Projector.

6. Fashion & Dress

Tracing social development using the clothing. Technology,
trade, social status and sumptuary laws. (Role-plays and dress

Requires classroom (long periods a Data projector.)

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13. Trade & Travel

The Dark Ages was all about isolation and ignorance, but the
Medieval period slowly developed into a Renaissance that changed
the entire world.

Requires classroom with IWB or Data Projector.

7. Education and Games

Living & learning in a non-literate society. Who gets
what jobs, and why?

Requires a secure area of open space, or a gymnasium or hall.
(Maximum of 32 students!)

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14. The Status of Women

Women had much higher status under Germanic laws than after the
re-introduction of Roman law. Challenges students’ notions of
history as ‘linear’.

Requires classroom with IWB or Data Projector.

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