Non-Classroom Specialists

Interesting, informative & the material was well presented & hands on. Excellent learning as all styles of learning were addressed… found easy for the students to interact with th etopics and the materials… Lesley Hall – Haileybury Newlands

We (staff and students) were very impressed by your team! The school is still buzzing about our Medieval Day… It’s almost a week since! Raymond Nashar – Samaritan

Both students and staff were particularly appreciative of the zero tolerance of unacceptable behaviour each presenter consistently enforced! Kim Widrich – Lavalla

After so many years you are now part of the school tradition… you’re fantastic… teachers and students get a lot out of it… your presenters are just so knowledgeable! Heather Shawcross – Camberwell High School

Some of our presenters do not have a background in secondary teaching. Their skills are far more widespread, and include acting, performing, sports coaching, martial arts, and educational guides at historical sites or museums. All are coached and mentored in the fundamentals of multi-sensory and interactive education.

The below show a sample selection of the types of skills that add to our programs:

Sian Pryce

Sian is an extremely experienced actor and presenter of school incursion plays and activities (like the Safety House Program for primary schools); as well as school holiday programs, and some children’s television.

As you would expect from someone with her background, her mastery of the scripts is outstanding, and her interaction with students is superb. She has developed into one of our best trainers and mentors of new presenters.

Nigel Collins

Nigel is an extremely experienced martial arts teacher, who runs evening classes each week. This allows him a lot of free mornings to work with us at schools.

Nigel’s presentations are excellent; and, as you would expect with someone of his background: his communication with, and control of, student groups, is exceptional. He consistently scores top marks from teachers and students.

David Leach

David is an extremely experienced circus performer, who can juggle and twirl fire with the best of them. More importantly from our perspective, he not only performs, but teaches on a regular basis. His company Cirque Mystique runs incursion programs for schools in circus skills (contact our office for details).

We are extremely fortunate to have David available as a presenter, as he vastly increases the depth of our performance based and interactive sessions. Particularly for those schools where he gets to teach the students to juggle!

Fabian Kemp

Fabian is a professional juggler, jester, entertainer and actor. His credits include palying the Wraith King who stabbed Frodo in the Lord of the Rings (so he has his own action figure).

Fabian has proved an immensely valuable addition to the team, both for his professional skills, and for his enthusiasm with students.

Michelle Teunon

Michelle is a professional tour guide and presenter, with great experience in communication with all age groups. She has been with us since 2007, and consistenly gets great feedback.

Since working with Multisensory Education, Michelle has done extra training to work with special needs students, who of course receieve the greatest benefit from multisensory engagement in the classroom.

James Brown

James is an ‘Artificer’ (he makes historical props for a living). He also has a background as a music performer, an engaging personality, and a great love of working with children. So we were delighted to finally talk him into participating in our presentation days.

Fortunately he has enjoyed them immensely, and the feedback forms indicate that both students and teachers have enjoyed his presentations as well.