Save Money


Develop your school’s activity day – and save $$!

Although many schools like us to take the whole year level, or at least half of it, and run a day or half day of activities; realistically that will usually average between $9 and $14 a head – depending on the numbers and program. (We recommend that a school consider dividing several classes of 25 into fewer groups of 30 to 32 to help reduce costs.)

However many schools prefer to run their own day, with their own teachers handling most of the activities, and ours only handling specialist topics like the Weapons and Armour or Tournament session. This can reduce prices to as little as $3 or $4 a head, and allows the school to offer a banquet as well. (Usually our presenters will be happy to provide some entertainment at the banquet after they have finished their sessions.)

In fact a few schools have hired archery or games equipment from us for their own teachers to present some sessions, while we handle the more detailed ones.

So if you would like to run a program, but lack budget, please talk to us about what might be possible.

It is our commitment to our clients that we will try and tailor the best and most interactive package possible for the price your school can afford.