Special Needs Students

“I was particularly pleased to see those non-academic students and those with special needs (an autistic boy) actively engaged. I have never seen a particular student smile and he was grinning from ear to ear during the Tournament!!!” J Heim – Viewbank College

The wonderful thing about our interactive and multisensory approach is that it is specifically designed to increase the attention, and the retention, of students who don’t cope well with normal classrooms. School after school has commented on our ability to engage usually disinterested classes.

Beyond offering tactile and audio-visual inputs, and roleplays, to grab the attention of students who get turned off by traditional ‘blackboard’ teaching, many of our techniques also work better for the students who often require classroom aides in normal situations.

In fact our booking forms now request schools to give us the information we need to help us help the students:

Special needs: if any student is likely to have specific difficulty participating in activities, or to respond significantly differently from standard expectations, please inform the presenter by the start of the relevant presentation. Such information will used for the comfort and educational participation of students in accordance with Victorian Privacy guidelines.

Our presenters are trained to include every member of the class to the maximum extent possible. Any information you provide which helps our presenters maximise such participation can only improve the class experience and the learning process.

For instance, one school told us in advance that they had 4 deaf students in an integrated class, allowing us to rework the sessions slightly to better involve those students in the learning experience. (Much to the satisfaction of all concerned – the students, their classmates, the teachers, and our presenters…)

This is even more important when we have no clear visual clues to work with, and where a little heads up from the teacher in charge gives us a chance to adapt to maximise the feelings of inclusion and success for all participants!

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a wonderful presentation yesterday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed all 4 parts of the presentation. They found the presenters engaging and leaned a lot. Supervising staff were all complimentary. Karen Towers – Toorak College