Use of the Syllabus

“A number of staff also commented on how much they learnt and how wonderful it was to have the knowledge and experience in the school.” Helen Duncan – Wantirna College 2005

“Thanks to you and your team for another fantastic day of interactive activities. The kids wrote volumes of information afterwards based on what they had learnt” Michael McLean– Fllinders Christian Community College 2008

“Well done! What a great morning!!” Robyn Renner – Wantirna College 2002

We make great efforts to keep our programs consistent with the school and departmental guidelines, and with the latest educational requirements for the Victoria and the National Curriculums.

But we like to go beyond this, to the motivation behind the sylabus…

To quote from the VELS guidelines:

“The study of history encompasses the broad sweep of human history from ancient times to today. It develops in students an understanding of cultures, ideas and values… considers the way societies have changed and also the significant continuities which exist…”

All of our presentations go beyond the ‘what happened’, to investigate the ‘what effect does this have on you and on your understanding of modern society’!

We attend, and present, HTAV sessions; take regular input from practicing teachers; and try to keep up with the latest research on a range of diverse topics from demographics to climate research which may affect our interpretations.

However the key element of our approach always remains to extend the curriculum and school requirements by placing the experience of historical elements within an ongoing narrative of historical developments. No topic is approached as a simplistic and out of context ‘this is what they did’. Instead we constantly ask students to give us a good reason why these things happened!