Working with Students

Interaction with the students…

Kentwell Hall, Suffolk, UK

Our programs are based on the principle that all students learn faster through hands-on multi-sensory environments. Particularly students who have a hard time coping with traditional ‘blackboard’ learning. Therefore every student will experience a diverse range range of audio-visual, tactile, interactive and role-play based activities through the course of one of our days.

We can virtually guarantee a positive and productive result from the vast majority of students.

To ensure that these presentations are leading edge, we have literally toured the world investigating interactive and multi-sensory programs.

We’ve visited genuine Medieval locations in Europe and Japan, re-created ones in America and Asia, and other interactive learning centres from the Children’s Science Museum in Auckland to the Bovington Tank Museum in the UK. We investigate any centre which explores hands on interaction.

Imperial War Museum

Jorvik Viking Centre, York, UK We pick the best concepts from wherever we find them, and incorporate them in our presentations, role plays and games.